Medium Readings

The Medium Session Process

If your goal is to focus on messages that allow for emotional healing, these sessions are provided for you.

Please provide before our session:

  • The first name of the departed loved one
  • A picture of the departed loved one
  • This information will help me connect more clearly. Please make sure that it is a clear picture and that I can see their eyes. All pictures are confidential and destroyed immediately following our session.

    Please have specific questions prepared.

    Medium readings may be done in person, by phone or Skype.

How It Works

The type of information that comes through is both emotional and evidential in nature.  The information is focused on messages that allow for emotional healing and provide an understanding of: life after death; what state of being the individual is in now, how they viewed life when they were here, what they are “doing” now, and what they are working through on a karmic level.  I am always honored when spirit works through me and I would be honored to work with you.

To enhance your experience:

– Be open to the type of information that may come through.

– Ask your loved one to come through and to provide information that will be helpful to your healing.

The psychic readings and distant healing sessions I’ve had with Kimberly have been life changing starting with the very first encounter. I’ve connected with loved ones who have passed and found that what I’ve always wanted to believe is true; their love is infinite and they are always with us.

Pamela ErwinTijerina, Registered Nurse, Reiki Practitioner, Actor, Memphis, TN