2019 – The Year of YOU – Channeled message from Archangel Gabriel


2018 was a challenging year for many as everything that wasn’t pure or conscious within us had to come to the surface to be recognized and cleared.  The good news is that with all of the clearing that many did we can see with greater clarity now which has given us access to new realities.  The challenges came in the way of circumstances we found ourselves in, breaking through old beliefs, as well as through the relationships we held.

Of course we always clarify that it’s only challenging for our human aspect.  Our soul is pure/without unconscious programming.  Our soul holds wisdom of the highest levels of consciousness where only purity and joy reside.  That being said, it was an exceptionally difficult year for me (my human aspect) as well.  On a personal note, 2018 was really about being in the trenches (within me) clearing through everything that doesn’t belong anymore and letting it all go.  In the earlier parts of our journey this isn’t an easy process…but the further along we go, the more conscious we are, the more we live from our heart/soul – we do this with much greater ease.  We’re aware of what needs to be cleared and we do it without the same resistance that was once there.  As for me, I’m getting better at this process but I can’t say I do it with complete ease…yet.  I’m getting there, but my human self still holds on and resists even though it’s less and less and less and a whole lot less than it used to be… yippee!

For the past few years, interestingly enough, Archangel Gabriel has come through as the new year approaches to share what’s in store for humanity in the coming year.  And, to my delight, “he” came through a few weeks ago to share some highlights of what we, collectively, have to look forward to this year.   The underlying theme is that we are going to be really focused on ourselves – not from an egotistical place but rather from a place of getting to know who we are on a deeper level – the soul level.  Hence the title of this “The Year of You”.

Heightened desire to be who we genuinely are

We’re going to feel lighter, freer, allowing more room for joy.  As we get to know ourselves more intimately and we’re filled with more joy we have less fear around being judged for who we are because we’re finally honoring and respecting who we are.   Many of us are exhausted from living up to others’ expectations.  We’re moving from fulfilling others’ expectations and what we’ve perceived to be our “obligations” to BEING whomever it is we want to be/are and doing whatever it is we want to do that’s going to bring us joy and be aligned with who we truly are.

Micro level

On a micro level there’s a greater desire for independence – detaching from identities/associations with organizations (like political parties for example) or groups/cliques/”friends” – wanting to be free from the limitations in mindsets that these affiliations bring and the expectations that come along with them (to be a certain way, think a certain way, the need to be a part of and to conform).  There’s an overall sense of exhaustion from the old beliefs of having to fulfill these kinds of roles out of obligation and an old consciousness.

Instead of “having” to get together for BBQ’s with the neighbors – more will gravitate towards saying “no thank you” not this week.  I’m going to stay in or go for a hike.  I’m going to do what I want to do.  Moving from a place of conforming, guilt, the need to “fit in”, limitation, etc. to a place of independence and freedom…allowing new aspects of us to emerge.

Macro level

More and more are going to be detaching from the “old Earth” matrix – it’s simply not going to be our truth anymore.  The notion “you can’t fool me” comes up.

Collectives no longer subscribe to group consciousness of separation and division.  For example, if you follow the media, they’d have everyone believe through their old Earth propaganda that there’s a great separation and divide among all of humanity.  It’s a story they’ve told and it’s a story we’ve believed.  There’s going to be a pulling away from some of these “old” mindsets and a greater desire to stay on one’s own path to see what is truth and what isn’t for each.  Each of us establishing what our own truth is and believing that over the outside world.   “Good-bye outside world.” “I don’t believe you anymore.” “I go inside for the answers.  “I do everything differently now than I did before.”  It’ll no longer be “the world out there”…it’ll be “the world in here” (inside of ourselves).

Shift in values

Our values used to be based on the outside world.  Now, we identify our values from our inside world.  Values we placed on – social networks, money, prestige, status, lifestyle, what others think, how others perceive us, getting ahead, competing with, comparing to – all ego driven programs are dying down and being deconstructed.  Higher values are placed on participating and engaging in what speaks to our soul (because we’re connecting to our soul) and makes us happy AND sticking to it. Sacrificing ourselves as a result of old beliefs no longer apply.

As we connect with our soul there’s a greater interest in discovering our own hidden talents.  Not subscribing to the old ways frees us up inside to dedicate time to knowing and exploring and honoring who we are.  When we do this – it inspires creativity which is what we came here to do—create!

Greater care of the Earth and our bodies

As we move away from old collective consciousness—we begin to focus on doing our part.  When political propaganda and old Earth structures try to impose the old mindset on us as it relates to the environment, the Earth, etc. – it doesn’t have a hold on us anymore.  The value we once gave and buy-in to the old outside world messages begin to dissolve.  We don’t give any of that our attention anymore and we shift the focus back to ourselves and being responsible for doing our part whatever that may be for each of us.

There’s a greater interest in the products we buy and how it contributes to and supports our environment and ourselves.  The foods we eat become substantially important as we move into a natural desire to want to eat healthier.  This inspires greater interest in growing our own foods and activities like gardening that allows us to connect to our home…the Earth.

Move towards Christ/Unity Consciousness

First we develop a relationship with ourselves (our soul) where we actually begin to care about the being that we each are.  We start to see ourselves as more than our physical body.  How we see ourselves transcends beyond the physical.  We “see” more than that and we understand ourselves as more than that.  We start to see there’s a whole lot more there (to us) than we ever thought there was.  We’re not just the roles and identities we’ve taken on.  We’re not just the personality “type” that someone else has given us.  We’re not just the schedules we adhere to.  We’re not just the “to do” lists we’ve created.  And, we actually begin to appreciate that about ourselves.  We’re starting to see ourselves in a whole new light.  This light illuminates the aspects of us that we weren’t able to see before.  This light is going to get brighter and brighter and brighter and brighter until we see all of our different aspects that make you – you and me—me.  None of our aspects stay hidden any longer.  The saying – new year—new you takes on a whole NEW meaning and it has nothing to do with what you thought it did.  And, it has nothing to do with a catchy new-year phrase.   A “You” exists that you didn’t even know was there.

The “new you” is a critical part in moving towards unity with the whole (humanity).  When we love and appreciate and know who it is we are then we can come together in love and appreciation for all.  We care about ourselves and we care about each other at ALL times = Christ/Unity Consciousness.

Inner knowingness

Further to the point above that how we see ourselves transcends beyond the physical – there will be less resistance to our deep inner knowing that our existence does not start and stop with this lifetime here on Earth.  We no longer seek proof of this – it’ll be something “we know” already within us.  That inner knowing comes alive.  And, it becomes impossible to discount.  It simply is.

Detachment from things

Downsizing is going to become of interest as more want to unload the “old” and the energy of “stuff” that weighs us down.   We value simplicity more and more.

New You; New ways of being; New ways of doing

Pay attention to you – the year of YOU.  What makes you happy?  Focus on that.

Don’t wait for a time of year (like the new year).  Time is manmade.  Every moment is an opportunity to create.

There’s no such thing as “the same life; different day”.  Every moment is a new opportunity.  There’s no more “status quo”.  The energies don’t allow for that anymore.  We’re being called to do more and be more…not just “get by”.  BUT, the doing more and being more looks different, feels different, is different than what it used to mean in the old ways of doing and being.

Overall, there’s less complaining and more doing.


This is some pretty powerful stuff I must say.  As I reflect back on some of the previous channeled messages from Archangel Gabriel an interesting observation is that I can see how the messages have shifted as humanity shifts/evolves.  It’s been a nice conformation for me to actually feel inside.  Through this channeling I can feel the energy behind the words.  Feeling the energy helps us to believe it as our truth.  The more we go down this path of self-discovery the more our world becomes an energetic and vibrational one.    We feel into the energy of things, words, concepts, etc.  This is an example of how this works.  You can hear the message from many other people who do this work say the same thing that humanity is evolving.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe it to be true with what the “old” outside world portrays as truth.  Connecting with higher levels of wisdom (like the Angels) assist us in believing it for ourselves.  And, that’s what this has done for me (as it always does).

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