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Intergalactic Council Of Light – Total Purification Of The Earth In All Ways

The Intergalactic Council of Light is here to remind us of all that we are meant to be and all that is possible. They’re here to guide us and show us new ways of being, living and understanding ourselves and to show that The New Earth is waiting to be accessed when we are willing to embrace higher consciousness and ready to make that commitment to ourselves and to all of humanity. They say it’s simply a matter of commitment. For those who choose to stay in a place of resistance life will become more and more challenging here because the old ways of being will no longer be in resonance with the energies that come from the New Earth’s evolution/ascension.

They share below some examples of how life here on Earth will be evolving.

Have Patience with the Natural Unfoldment of Life

Patience is not an attribute that comes naturally to most people.  This is especially true in our society today where everything seems to be designed for convenience.  People want what they want when they want it whether it’s a relationship, a job, joy…whatever it may be.  It’s in our nature.  We want it NOW.  Period. […]

How do you want to influence the world around you?

These are critical times we are in. Reading this first line you may be thinking…it sure is, there’s so much happening in the world today – many of which are tragic.  Between natural disasters and the tragic events that have been caused by people it certainly would seem this is true.  However, there are also […]

The New Earth – Intergalactic Federation of Light

Federation of Light – Channeled April 19, 2017 I felt so blessed to receive messages from the Intergalactic Council of Light last year because their teachings offered so much hope and inspiration of what we have to look forward to in life on Earth…especially during this time when we need it. To my surprise and […]

Bring On The Happy!

It may seem that in today’s world it’s hard to find common ground with others.  The media would have us believe we are divided… by politics, religion, and color, you name it.  While it’s true that we have our own unique opinions and in that way there are differences between us (but it’s through our […]

The New Earth – Channeled from The Intergalactic Council Of Light

The Intergalactic Council Of Light’s point of focus as was explained to me is working with humanity to move toward what they call “The New Earth”. Currently the energy here on Earth is shifting to higher frequencies – while I can’t claim to understand all that is contributing to this -one thing that was mentioned on a physical level was the movement of tectonic plates. When energetic frequencies rise – there’s a calling for humanity to rise accordingly to meet the “new requirements” of “The New Earth”.

God Is…

So often I hear people speaking of God as a God of judgment, revenge, one to be feared. Most recently, I heard a friend say they were afraid of disappointing God. And, I thought to myself, that’s an awfully big burden to carry on one’s shoulders…the notion of disappointing God. There are so many ways […]

Experience Inner Peace During The 2016 Elections (and in your every day life)

There’s no dollar amount that can buy anyone inner peace. Peace of mind is not something one can buy off the shelf or take a prescription to experience. Yet it’s one of the most important aspects of life and one of the key ingredients to happiness. Unfortunately, an election period can add extra layers of challenges to experiencing peace. And, a peaceful mind, peaceful thoughts and peaceful emotions can be hard to come by for some who are emotionally tied to an election outcome or sensitive to the heighten state of emotions and negativity from the people around them, the news and social media.