2019 – The Year of YOU – Channeled message from Archangel Gabriel


2018 was a challenging year for many as everything that wasn’t pure or conscious within us had to come to the surface to be recognized and cleared.  The good news is that with all of the clearing that many did we can see with greater clarity now which has given us access to new realities.  The challenges came in the way of circumstances we found ourselves in, breaking through old beliefs, as well as through the relationships we held.

Of course we always clarify that it’s only challenging for our human aspect.  Our soul is pure/without unconscious programming.  Our soul holds wisdom of the highest levels of consciousness where only purity and joy reside.  That being said, it was an exceptionally difficult year for me (my human aspect) as well.  On a personal note, 2018 was really about being in the trenches (within me) clearing through everything that doesn’t belong anymore and letting it all go.  In the earlier parts of our journey this isn’t an easy process…but the further along we go, the more conscious we are, the more we live from our heart/soul – we do this with much greater ease.  We’re aware of what needs to be cleared and we do it without the same resistance that was once there.  As for me, I’m getting better at this process but I can’t say I do it with complete ease…yet.  I’m getting there, but my human self still holds on and resists even though it’s less and less and less and a whole lot less than it used to be… yippee!

For the past few years, interestingly enough, Archangel Gabriel has come through as the new year approaches to share what’s in store for humanity in the coming year.  And, to my delight, “he” came through a few weeks ago to share some highlights of what we, collectively, have to look forward to this year.   The underlying theme is that we are going to be really focused on ourselves – not from an egotistical place but rather from a place of getting to know who we are on a deeper level – the soul level.  Hence the title of this “The Year of You”.

Heightened desire to be who we genuinely are

We’re going to feel lighter, freer, allowing more room for joy.  As we get to know ourselves more intimately and we’re filled with more joy we have less fear around being judged for who we are because we’re finally honoring and respecting who we are.   Many of us are exhausted from living up to others’ expectations.  We’re moving from fulfilling others’ expectations and what we’ve perceived to be our “obligations” to BEING whomever it is we want to be/are and doing whatever it is we want to do that’s going to bring us joy and be aligned with who we truly are.

Micro level

On a micro level there’s a greater desire for independence – detaching from identities/associations with organizations (like political parties for example) or groups/cliques/”friends” – wanting to be free from the limitations in mindsets that these affiliations bring and the expectations that come along with them (to be a certain way, think a certain way, the need to be a part of and to conform).  There’s an overall sense of exhaustion from the old beliefs of having to fulfill these kinds of roles out of obligation and an old consciousness.

Instead of “having” to get together for BBQ’s with the neighbors – more will gravitate towards saying “no thank you” not this week.  I’m going to stay in or go for a hike.  I’m going to do what I want to do.  Moving from a place of conforming, guilt, the need to “fit in”, limitation, etc. to a place of independence and freedom…allowing new aspects of us to emerge.

Macro level

More and more are going to be detaching from the “old Earth” matrix – it’s simply not going to be our truth anymore.  The notion “you can’t fool me” comes up.

Collectives no longer subscribe to group consciousness of separation and division.  For example, if you follow the media, they’d have everyone believe through their old Earth propaganda that there’s a great separation and divide among all of humanity.  It’s a story they’ve told and it’s a story we’ve believed.  There’s going to be a pulling away from some of these “old” mindsets and a greater desire to stay on one’s own path to see what is truth and what isn’t for each.  Each of us establishing what our own truth is and believing that over the outside world.   “Good-bye outside world.” “I don’t believe you anymore.” “I go inside for the answers.  “I do everything differently now than I did before.”  It’ll no longer be “the world out there”…it’ll be “the world in here” (inside of ourselves).

Shift in values

Our values used to be based on the outside world.  Now, we identify our values from our inside world.  Values we placed on – social networks, money, prestige, status, lifestyle, what others think, how others perceive us, getting ahead, competing with, comparing to – all ego driven programs are dying down and being deconstructed.  Higher values are placed on participating and engaging in what speaks to our soul (because we’re connecting to our soul) and makes us happy AND sticking to it. Sacrificing ourselves as a result of old beliefs no longer apply.

As we connect with our soul there’s a greater interest in discovering our own hidden talents.  Not subscribing to the old ways frees us up inside to dedicate time to knowing and exploring and honoring who we are.  When we do this – it inspires creativity which is what we came here to do—create!

Greater care of the Earth and our bodies

As we move away from old collective consciousness—we begin to focus on doing our part.  When political propaganda and old Earth structures try to impose the old mindset on us as it relates to the environment, the Earth, etc. – it doesn’t have a hold on us anymore.  The value we once gave and buy-in to the old outside world messages begin to dissolve.  We don’t give any of that our attention anymore and we shift the focus back to ourselves and being responsible for doing our part whatever that may be for each of us.

There’s a greater interest in the products we buy and how it contributes to and supports our environment and ourselves.  The foods we eat become substantially important as we move into a natural desire to want to eat healthier.  This inspires greater interest in growing our own foods and activities like gardening that allows us to connect to our home…the Earth.

Move towards Christ/Unity Consciousness

First we develop a relationship with ourselves (our soul) where we actually begin to care about the being that we each are.  We start to see ourselves as more than our physical body.  How we see ourselves transcends beyond the physical.  We “see” more than that and we understand ourselves as more than that.  We start to see there’s a whole lot more there (to us) than we ever thought there was.  We’re not just the roles and identities we’ve taken on.  We’re not just the personality “type” that someone else has given us.  We’re not just the schedules we adhere to.  We’re not just the “to do” lists we’ve created.  And, we actually begin to appreciate that about ourselves.  We’re starting to see ourselves in a whole new light.  This light illuminates the aspects of us that we weren’t able to see before.  This light is going to get brighter and brighter and brighter and brighter until we see all of our different aspects that make you – you and me—me.  None of our aspects stay hidden any longer.  The saying – new year—new you takes on a whole NEW meaning and it has nothing to do with what you thought it did.  And, it has nothing to do with a catchy new-year phrase.   A “You” exists that you didn’t even know was there.

The “new you” is a critical part in moving towards unity with the whole (humanity).  When we love and appreciate and know who it is we are then we can come together in love and appreciation for all.  We care about ourselves and we care about each other at ALL times = Christ/Unity Consciousness.

Inner knowingness

Further to the point above that how we see ourselves transcends beyond the physical – there will be less resistance to our deep inner knowing that our existence does not start and stop with this lifetime here on Earth.  We no longer seek proof of this – it’ll be something “we know” already within us.  That inner knowing comes alive.  And, it becomes impossible to discount.  It simply is.

Detachment from things

Downsizing is going to become of interest as more want to unload the “old” and the energy of “stuff” that weighs us down.   We value simplicity more and more.

New You; New ways of being; New ways of doing

Pay attention to you – the year of YOU.  What makes you happy?  Focus on that.

Don’t wait for a time of year (like the new year).  Time is manmade.  Every moment is an opportunity to create.

There’s no such thing as “the same life; different day”.  Every moment is a new opportunity.  There’s no more “status quo”.  The energies don’t allow for that anymore.  We’re being called to do more and be more…not just “get by”.  BUT, the doing more and being more looks different, feels different, is different than what it used to mean in the old ways of doing and being.

Overall, there’s less complaining and more doing.


This is some pretty powerful stuff I must say.  As I reflect back on some of the previous channeled messages from Archangel Gabriel an interesting observation is that I can see how the messages have shifted as humanity shifts/evolves.  It’s been a nice conformation for me to actually feel inside.  Through this channeling I can feel the energy behind the words.  Feeling the energy helps us to believe it as our truth.  The more we go down this path of self-discovery the more our world becomes an energetic and vibrational one.    We feel into the energy of things, words, concepts, etc.  This is an example of how this works.  You can hear the message from many other people who do this work say the same thing that humanity is evolving.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe it to be true with what the “old” outside world portrays as truth.  Connecting with higher levels of wisdom (like the Angels) assist us in believing it for ourselves.  And, that’s what this has done for me (as it always does).

Intergalactic Council Of Light – Total Purification Of The Earth In All Ways

Channeled April 9, 2018

The Intergalactic Council of Light is here to remind us of all that we are meant to be and all that is possible.  They’re here to guide us and show us new ways of being, living and understanding ourselves and to show that The New Earth is waiting to be accessed when we are willing to embrace higher consciousness and ready to make that commitment to ourselves and to all of humanity.  They say it’s simply a matter of commitment.  For those who choose to stay in a place of resistance life will become more and more challenging here because the old ways of being will no longer be in resonance with the energies that come from the New Earth’s evolution/ascension.

They share below some examples of how life here on Earth will be evolving.

New Plants Introduced

New plants will be introduced whose genetic makeup and molecular structures are different than anything we’ve ever seen or measured scientifically.  These plants are coming in to purify the soil and air with higher grades of oxygen for us to breathe and exist in.  As such, whomever/whatever consumes these plants changes their DNA structure/makeup to higher frequencies of energy.  Therefore, the cultivation of these plants become important for humanity and all of life.  People’s health improve because they are filling their body with higher frequency food that hold “new” codes that reprogram down to the DNA/cellular level.  Our bodies will be much healthier and common muscle/joint pain will be eliminated.  Our cognitive skills also sharpen with the purity of our new food base.  We think more clearly, quickly and with great precision as the density in our bodies lift.  Our vision also improves greatly and we begin to see the vibrancy of all of Earth’s beautiful colors.  We begin to see energy and the colors that come with different vibrations of energy.  Everything comes alive.  Seeing energy as a natural part of being brings in a whole new understanding and appreciation of all that is.

Purifying the way we live

Everyone takes a vested interest in purifying their own lives AND everyone willingly holds a level of responsibility in doing this.  In this process people live self-sustaining lives instead of placing this responsibility on segments of the population to do this for the whole which in itself is not sustainable.  Where there is mass production there is NOT purity. Everything must come into alignment with the new energies of Earth.  Life isn’t meant to be manufactured.  That’s human’s inserting their will and control over mother nature.  This will always cause imbalance.

Ultimately, we will all have the same basic fundamental skillsets to live self-sustaining lives.  And, we teach each other in kindness and share whenever it’s needed.

The Sea Will COMMAND respect

Humanity will NO LONGER be able to take and deplete the ocean of its life and resources with total and complete disregard of the ocean as a living, breathing being.  Vessels (that deplete) will disappear to wipe out that consciousness altogether with no remnants left to be found.  This consciousness will simply move to another dimension as though it never existed; leaving people in fear and mass confusion.  There will be no answers for the human mind.  But, the soul will understand.  This is a part of the transition of living from the human mind to living from the soul.  The Universe will NO LONGER respond in kindness to the human mind or ego consciousness…only to soul consciousness.  The human ego will be “retired” like old race horses that the human today insensitively deems as useless.  There will be NO choice in this matter because the ego only serves a purpose when it is fed and nourished.  The New Earth consciousness does not feed unconsciousness.  It would be like trying to grow vegetables in soil that isn’t fertile.

Polluting the ocean will no longer be tolerated by her.  Pollutants from drainage systems that dump into the sea will be pushed back through the drains and dumped back on the people to the point where sanitary issues become a problem.  “Push back” from the Earth is a common theme in order to conform to New Earth consciousness.

Humans no longer have free reign to do as they wish if they want to be here.  It is not The Human’s Earth.  This is NOT the human races’ property.  This is about Unity and ALL of life living in support of one another not each for itself.


Companies that continue to process and sell materials for the sake of ease, mass production and profit will see that their business models are no longer sustainable.  They won’t be able to meet deadlines; Materials won’t be available for them to keep doing business in the old ways.  It will become less and less convenient until they are no longer able to operate at all—literally being forced by way of unexplainable circumstances and changing landscapes to invest in new ways in order to survive.  Their motivation to do things differently will be a matter of survival.  The new ways for them will be much easier to sustain as they see a completely new business model take shape; And, everything falls into alignment.  Old systems will fall apart forcing businesses to invest in R&D to stay in business in ways that are eco-friendly and in support of the greater good.

Food Supply (this is all that was shared). *There will be more to come*

Eggs – when we eat eggs we are filling our bodies with stressed, anxious and imbalanced energy. It’s a transference of energy as the chickens that are laying them are stressed, cramped, hopeless and helpless.  This then is what we fill our bodies with energetically.

Fish – Fish are heavily contaminated with toxins, chemicals and waste.  Eating fish is today is no different than injecting ourselves with these contaminants.


This information is meant to generate awareness of the change that is needed and already underway in order to elevate into a new life. 

Have Patience with the Natural Unfoldment of Life

Patience is not an attribute that comes naturally to most people.  This is especially true in our society today where everything seems to be designed for convenience.  People want what they want when they want it whether it’s a relationship, a job, joy…whatever it may be.  It’s in our nature.  We want it NOW.  Period.

Impatience and the frustration that comes with it is oftentimes a frequent and reoccurring emotion that we repeatedly experience.  And, yet, we’re met with the same outcome time and time again.  Things happen when they happen.  It’s a cycle:  we want somethingàwe become impatientàfrustration sets inàthings happen when they happen.  And, on and on it goes.

Letting go and allowing is probably one of the most difficult skill sets we are given the opportunity to learn in this lifetime.  Not all of us do.  We may be able to do this some of the time (with a little kicking and screaming along the way) and then revert back to plain old resistance other times.  However, the notion of letting go and allowing is something we’ve all heard, not always successful at doing and yet there’s no way around it if we want the optimal outcome.

If we look at nature where there is perfect balance and harmony…everything happens when it’s supposed to happen.  Consider the seasons, there’s no way to speed up Fall.  There’s a divine process in place.  The leaves go through the change in colors in just the right timing before they fall and it takes us into Winter.  And, the animal kingdom relies on this perfect timing to gather food, to nest, to lead some into hibernation, etc. This is the natural unfoldment of life.  From nature, we can see, there’s a divine process and divine timing that guarantees the highest and best outcome every year.

When circumstances in life aren’t happening for us the way we want them to there’s more to the story than meets the eye.  Here are a couple of important reasons why this may be.  To start, these circumstances may not be in alignment with your soul.  This is a huge one!  Why?  Because there’s no getting around this.  The soul has set out to do what the soul has set out to do.  And, what the soul has set out to do is ultimately for your best and highest good because this plan was divinely orchestrated between you and God.

I’ve hit this wall several times in major areas of my life where things weren’t happening the way I wanted them to.  An example I’ll share is the frustration that came with not getting married until later in my life…later being 39.  And, every year after my mid 30’s left me frustrated trying to figure out why it had not happened yet.  Just ask my family!  It was only a few years ago when I learned why.  The answer was revealed unexpectedly in a past-life regression that I did where I learned my soul wanted to have certain experiences on my own before I settled down.  At the soul level I wanted to accomplish and achieve certain things on my own independent of someone else.  And, I could only do that if I weren’t married.  Finally, I was able to connect the dots.  An ah-ha! moment for sure.  And, as I look back I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  I’m grateful for those experiences that have shaped who I am today.  Getting married at an earlier age was not in alignment with my soul.

The next example I will share is that we are usually offering up some kind of resistance to that which it is we desire.  When we do this it typically means there’s something within ourselves that needs to be understood, healed perhaps, and brought into a state of balance.  When there’s a state of balance there’s no resistance and then life can unfold organically in the perfect way and in the perfect time.

Conversely, we all know what it feels like when things just seem to happen for us with ease.  For example, the purchase of a home that you feel is the perfect one for you:  there’s no bidding wars, financing comes easily, there’s no contingencies, etc.  This is what it feels like to be in alignment and when there’s no resistance in place.  The process is smooth.

So, if something isn’t happening for you or there are delays that cause complications take a step back and consider some of the possible reasons this may be.  Awareness is everything.  Instead of staying in a state of frustration take a different approach and use this time to get to know yourself on a deeper level.  Ask the question, “is there anything within me that needs to be understood or healed, around this situation?”  Sit in meditation with the intention of connecting to that wise part of you that holds the answers.  Of course you can also work with a practitioner like me to help with this too.  But, it’s really much more empowering when you take that time to go within.  And, if you do this consistently your life will begin to shift in all good ways.

The answers always reveal themselves.  It may happen all at once or over time.  Nonetheless, when we allow this process to naturally occur we can be assured that everything is happening in perfect order.  That is, perfectly orchestrated by you (at the soul level).  This is called co-creation…the highest aspect of you, the Divine, life, all that is…working together for the highest outcome.  And, so it is.

How do you want to influence the world around you?

These are critical times we are in.

Reading this first line you may be thinking…it sure is, there’s so much happening in the world today – many of which are tragic.  Between natural disasters and the tragic events that have been caused by people it certainly would seem this is true.  However, there are also a lot of blessings in this world happening around us.  And, we see this daily in the heroes that come to the rescue of people in need while putting their own lives on the line.

Every day we are given a choice.  Do we want to contribute by way of our thoughts, intentions, and actions to the fear, anger, worry, despair, and sadness that people are feeling?  Or, do we want to lift others including ourselves up from this energy into a place of love, peace and hopefulness?  It’s really a responsibility that is given to each one of us.  You and I are responsible for the role we choose to play every day in this lifetime.

We are ALL connected.  We are sensitive energetic beings that are affected and influenced by the energy thoughts and actions carry.  Have you ever noticed the infectious laugh of a baby or a child and how that can easily lift your spirits and stay with you through the day?  A few months ago there was a baby who was introduced to the pool for her first time and her parents were whooshing her around and she was laughing and laughing and laughing…JOY in its purest form.    She captured everyone’s attention and we were all touched by her joy.  Months later I still remember her and how she made me feel.  The same, however, can be true for experiencing the energy around someone’s anger or frustration.

Social media carries a lot of energy.   This is really what has inspired me to write on this subject especially since almost everyone I know is linked into social media in some way or another. Imagine millions of people connected into the same platforms…each of us bringing our own energy through our thoughts, emotions and intentions to our posts and others posts.  It’s easy then to see the power behind this.  If one beautiful baby girl had the ability to influence the few people that were around her it becomes all too clear the way millions of peoples’ thoughts and intentions in one place can influence us in good ways and in not so good ways.  It’s all energy.  You and I are energy.  Energy is powerful.

Be mindful of what you choose to post and what conversations you participate in.   Often time’s people use social media as dumping grounds for their emotions.  And, you’ll notice all the responses/comments to their post are an extension of that emotion.  If the post emanates anger, for example, the comments will usually support that anger with people responding from a place of anger.  You can feel the angry energy almost jump off the screen.  It becomes a cesspool of anger that just keeps swirling around with no release and the energy continues to build with each angry response.  It’s a real unpleasant feeling to witness.  Unfortunately, anyone who chooses to be a part of that anger by contributing with their own comment becomes caught up in and attaches energetically to that collective energy/mindset…even when you log off your computer.  The anger, frustration or whatever energy it is can stay with you throughout the day affecting on a deeper level how you feel.

Fortunately, the opposite is also true.  Messages of love, inspiration, hope, peace, etc. will have the same affect in all good ways.

For this reason we need to really think about how it is we want to have influence on others…do we want to spread anger or do we want to spread love knowing that either will have a rippling effect on the people around us.

Redirect your energy and focus to yourself.  Go within.  If you find yourself frustrated, angry or pointing the finger as to why the world is the way it is.  Stop. Take a step back.  And, go within.

I can’t say this approach is one that comes naturally to us.  But, it is an approach that I can guarantee is well worth it.  Why? Because it’s when you go within that you connect to truth, you strengthen your spiritual connection to God and (so important for this lifetime) – you heal and clear things up within yourself to experience freedom in life.  Freedom from old thought patterns or belief systems that are restrictive and that keep you in a place of limitation.  Limitation would include anger, frustration, hopelessness, lack of inspiration, and on and on it goes.  When you free yourself up inside from these limitations you move onto greater and beautiful ways of feeling…happiness, joy, peace, clarity, hopeful, enthusiastic, and empowered.  You’ll feel that all things are possible which make the benefits limitless.

We are all in this together.   This is our world.  How do we want it to be?  If we want to see change in the world we have to be willing to create change within ourselves where change is needed.  That is the best and most responsible thing we can do on both a micro and macro level.  Worry less about what the next person is doing and focus more on what you are doing.  If you want to contribute to the greater good for all – start with YOU.

Here is a helpful short meditation on how you can create change in an instant.

The Soul and The Higher Self – What’s The Difference?

There’s always a lot of talk about the soul and the higher-self and you may have thought…what’s the difference?  Quite honestly it’s a good question – why?  Because the soul and the higher-self are what make you – YOU!  If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in this lifetime it’s that we are on a constant journey of self-discovery and in this process uncovering who it is we really are.

A helpful meditation to uncover the layers that will help you get to the “real” you is to sit in silence with the intention of bringing forth answers to the question “who am I?”  Sitting in silence you ask yourself “who am I?”  Continue to sit silence and then ask again “who am I?”  And, do this for the remainder of your meditation.  This may very well be the most important question you can ask yourself and the most important answer you can arrive at in this lifetime.  This was a technique that really resonated with me and was discussed on Inspired Living with special guest Chandresh-Bhardwaj.  Here’s the link if you’d like to listen to the podcast: http://omtimes.com/iom/2016/08/break-norms-chandresh-bhardwaj/

As I came out of meditation today, unexpectedly, as most of my writings are, this is what came through and how I was able to discern between The Soul and The Higher Self.  This is how I understand the difference between both based on my consciousness at this point in time.  Perhaps my understanding will deepen or even shift as sometimes our perspective does over time?


The soul is YOU at the point of creation – therefore it is the true essence of who you are.  It has been with you over all lifetimes since your inception into existence and holds the memory of all of your experiences across lifetimes.  It is influenced by these experiences and memories that it carries into each lifetime.  These influences and memories are the basis by which your soul’s karma is defined and identified.

Based on your soul’s karma it will serve as your inner compass in each lifetime that leads you to and through experiences, relationships and decisions that are important for its growth and unique to its own evolution.  Your soul’s evolution is the process by which it corrects what is needed (the imbalance within itself) to bring its state of being back into balance and harmony.

The subconscious mind is the aspect of the soul that stores these memories/experiences.  It’s basically an internal data storage unit and holds no judgement as to the rightness or wrongness of any experience it simply stores everything.  However, held within each experience is the DNA imprint that reflects ones feelings and emotions associated with the experience.


Your higher-self is an aspect of your soul.  It’s the purest aspect of your soul and YOU because it is not influenced by your experiences over lifetimes (karma) – It is that part of your soul that is connected to truth, divine intelligence/universal consciousness…ALL THAT IS.

Its connection to divine intelligence is unwavering.  That is, no matter what is going on around you in your physical experience/life here on Earth it stays steady and true.  It is never disconnected from all that is.

For this reason, your higher-self is always in a constant state of balance and harmony.  There are no internal corrections needed.  It’s that very wise part of us that holds all of the answers to all and any life question we may have.  So often, we search for answers outside of ourselves, but really, what is needed is to go within.  When we go within we see that the answers that we seek are really within us not outside of us.  How can it not be if the higher-self is connected to divine intelligence?

There are different ways in which we can access this wisdom…some include meditation, being in nature, hypnosis, etc. Of course (as with anything in life) it takes practice, commitment and dedication to learn how to do this and to clear the channels that cloud this connection.


The best that I can do is to explain things in the way that I understand it.  Others may have a different interpretation.  This is how it has been explained to me through meditation and again my own level of awareness.

If anything, I hope that it gives perhaps a foundation to start with that leads you down your own path of understanding.  The beauty of our spiritual journey is arriving at our own conclusions based on our experiences and what we learn by strengthening our connection to the purest aspect of our souls and ultimately the divine.

Much love,


The New Earth – Intergalactic Federation of Light

Federation of Light – Channeled April 19, 2017

I felt so blessed to receive messages from the Intergalactic Council of Light last year because their teachings offered so much hope and inspiration of what we have to look forward to in life on Earth…especially during this time when we need it. To my surprise and delight they came through in meditation today again offering messages of hope, love and peace. We have to remember that despite what we may see in the media and how the world is portrayed on TV there are other beautiful things happening here. Because everything is energy these beautiful things and shifts that are occurring can’t always be seen with the eye.

I receive their messages through automatic writing. That is, I sit in meditation, and the information flows and I write what I receive. As I read through their messages everything seems to make sense…just like in readings where the information that comes through nicely come together like pieces of a puzzle until the full picture is formed and everything ties in together.

Enjoy as they remind us that we are moving towards a place of love, balance and harmony.

Release of anger
Greater amounts of kindness are being birthed from the violence and divide you have seen. The unrest and unsettled emotions and thoughts are filtering out being diluted by new thought forms and thought patterns all happening through changes in frequency and vibrations of energy. We (Council of Light) are able to bring forth new energy/shifts in energy/ higher vibrations and frequencies of energy that then help with this process. It’s like sprinkles of new energy that are introduced to humanity and then allowed to integrate and then more sprinkles of new energy are introduced and integrate and so on. It happens very subtly . It would be like tuning a guitar – you tune one string at a time and let it resonate with the whole before moving onto the next string. These sprinkles of new energy change the way people think. We are infused with higher vibrations of energy which then naturally shift our thoughts accordingly.

People are carrying a heavy burden of anger on their shoulders which serves as extra weight to carry around in their day to day life. Over time the load will be too much to carry and also unwanted. People will be exchanging the heavy load of anger and unrest for new lighter ways of being because they will want to feel better. This new energy being introduced helps people naturally do this…release what no longer feels good to make room for happier/more peaceful lives. If you are living in higher vibrations of energy this would be a natural occurrence since everything about one’s makeup changes. The old ways of being no longer feels good or feels right.

More people are going to have a greater desire to want to travel to new places to experience a change: of environment, government, people, ideas, lifestyles, etc. Whether it is local long distance, within one’s country, between states and regions, or to other countries and continents. This new desire to experience and appreciate new places and people helps support the integration of humanity/helping people to see and feel the notion of “we are one”. Through this desire and the experiences that come from this desire it paves the foundation for kindness to spread and kindness to be given, shared and exchanged.

As stated before there is a natural migration already underway moving away from living life in individual silos where decisions are made based only on the benefits of self-interest verses coming together as a whole with love and appreciation for each other.

This connectedness will also be experienced more and more with one another telepathically as telepathic communication becomes a natural part of communication – not the only way to communicate but one of the ways we communicate…reinforcing the idea that everything is energy and all energy has a frequency and through energy we are all connected. This too will help elevate humanity’s consciousness by way of being more mindful of our thoughts and how it is we treat each other bringing in greater love to the world —greater love for ourselves and greater love for each other. It’s through this process that we become more mindful of our thoughts of one another since thoughts are energy and we will be more attuned to sense these thought forms telepathically.

We are experiencing expansion in all ways…our own awareness of how we individually fit into the greater whole – that we are all connected and everything we do as an individual affects everything and everyone else —expansion in our own energy field around us. Instead of keeping our energy field close to us (as we do now) we will have a greater desire to expand our energy field to touch the next person and the next person and the next person because we will inherently want to feel this connection. We won’t want to be living our lives only for ourselves. We will desire connection with other people and living collectively. We’ll be moving away from the perspective of “what can you do for me?” towards “what can we do for each other?” The desire to connect with each other on all levels (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually) will be important because there will be an appreciation for deeper/more meaningful connections. As this expansion happens we pull together our resources so to speak which allows us to manifest things quickly whereas right now humanity doesn’t understand their own power to manifest because everyone’s on different pages based on their own personal agenda.

When we collectively pull our resources and energy together creativity levels sore and our inginuity and inspiration is present in our daily lives. We become an advanced civilization…advanced because of our ability to move forward quickly through creation and from the power of love.

Life Purpose
The reason why more and more people are taking an interest in how their lives can be more meaningful by understanding their purpose, passion and talents is because we are being called to understand and utilize our talents as a way of contributing not only to our own happiness and lives but also by being able to share this with humanity. Our talents have been given to us by the divine to bring in happiness and also to bring in happiness to others by sharing them with each other. That is why so many people today are starting to feel that there’s more to life than what they’re experiencing. And, they’re feeling unsatisfied as a result of this. As such more people are taking a look at how and what they can do that’s going to make them happy. This desire that starts with oneself (how can I be happier) ultimately leads to how one’s happiness is going to help other people be happy. (i.e. if painting is a passion/talent the artwork that is created will be enjoyed and experienced by other people as well). Again we see that what may appear to be at the onset what is in one’s greatest good really leads to what is in the greatest good for all involved.

The Animal Kingdom: (Domestic Pets and Wildlife)

Domestic Pets
Even a new wave of animals are being born into the world…it’s not just children (crystal children, etc.) But, even the animals are coming in at higher frequencies to support the shifts of the New Earth.

The role of our pets is going to be to keep us on the right path moving in the right direction. Somehow their energy serves as a reminder to us to do the right things. Their presence holds us to higher standards.

We will start to see an increase in demand for household pets. People are going to want to fill their homes and space with the love and purity of animals as they recognize more and more their value and what they add to life. At the soul level we crave this kind of pure love that animals give us.

Our animals are going to be cared for and cherished more. There will be a new movement towards the elimination of destroying life/euthanizing animals as if each death is one less burden to society. Our perspective on animal lives is going to be changing until we ultimately get to a place where there are NO more homeless or helpless pets.

There will be a greater move towards protection of habitats – creating and allowing space for animals to live freely and naturally. We’ll be admiring the wild animal kingdom more from a distance allowing nature to be the driving force behind survival and also reproduction. Wild animals will not be held in captivity where all aspects of their lives are controlled and then disrespected in the process. Animals will be able to live and reproduce naturally according to the laws of nature NOT the laws of man.
With greater respect to the animal kingdom they will have a greater respect for humanity allowing us into their lives more because there won’t be a need to fear humans as they do now. There’s a mutual respect for one another.

Much of the way we learn about animals now is forced by means of captivity and tagging and in controlled settings. Nothing about this process is natural and therefore the data lacks truth because we are gathering information from a situation that is imbalanced NOT natural. This new way of being where there is mutual respect will allow us to learn about them from a place of truth governed by natural law. We’ll have a deeper and more intimate window into their lives and there will be much to learn from them about healthier ways of living.
Animals live from a pure place because they don’t have egos. They live in accordance to the natural laws of the universe. They don’t offer up resistance to the universe in the same way people do which allows for balance. When there is balance there is harmony. For this reason they will teach us and help us bring in greater harmony into our world.

Our biological makeup is changing with the new energies and frequencies (like the updates we do to our phones) to help lift the burdens that we carry that are no longer in alignment with the direction Earth and humanity are moving in. This allows us to have more space within ourselves to be able to think differently and feel differently about life, love, and each other.

This is our message for now.

Bring On The Happy!

It may seem that in today’s world it’s hard to find common ground with others.  The media would have us believe we are divided… by politics, religion, and color, you name it.  While it’s true that we have our own unique opinions and in that way there are differences between us (but it’s through our differences that we learn how to love one another), there is one common thread that connects us all and that is our innate desire to be happy.

If happiness is missing in your life you are not alone.  There are many who hold the belief that life must be accepted as is with no control over any future outcome.  The good news is that is simply not so.  Even more promising is that it is our birthright to live joyfully.

The process of joyful living can begin by being clear on what you are doing to create happiness for yourself.  Be mindful of the times you felt really happy.  What were you doing? Who were you with?  Where were you?  If you’re unsure of what brings you happiness make a commitment to spend quality time getting to know the real you.  The best way to do this is by spending time alone.  It’s when we are alone that we don’t have to conform to anyone else and the need to comply or fit in doesn’t exist.  We are free to be who it is we truly are.  To add to this if we spend quality time alone in silence without noise distractions we strengthen our ability to hear our own inner wisdom  clearly.  At a deeper level this actually connects us to our soul helping us to identify our likes and dislikes so that our true self can emerge.  In other words we begin to live authentically and in accordance with our soul.  When we live authentically happiness unfolds organically because we are making healthy choices about how and with whom we choose to spend our time.

As we move towards the people, things and activities that make us happy and away from situations that don’t we are choosing to stay on our own path that is unique to us.  Comparing ourselves to others is a sure way to lower our vibration and move us out of a state of happiness.  Gratitude for what it is we do have is a key element in reminding us of the joy that is already there waiting to be experienced.

Our happiness starts and stops with us.  We are empowered to create our experiences as we wish them to be as long as we put forth the effort to bring in and maintain the outcome that we desire.  Nurturing our happiness is an ongoing process.  But, you can start today by making YOU a priority and making the choice to Bring On The Happy!   

The New Earth – Channeled from The Intergalactic Council Of Light

Intergalactic Council of Light – Channeled on August 31, 2016

Well…this was a first for me.  I’ve never channeled this group of beings.  And, with the exception, of Archangel (AA) Gabriel’s message last New Year of the shifts that we’re going to be experiencing here on Earth in 2016, this type of messaging/guidance is new for me.  Usually my guidance comes in the way of personal and soul development.  However, I must say, learning about the energetic shifts here on Earth that are already in motion and will continue to be over the next few decades are nothing short of fascinating.

The Intergalactic Council Of Light’s point of focus as was explained to me is working with humanity to move toward what they call “The New Earth”.   Currently the energy here on Earth is shifting to higher frequencies – while I can’t claim to understand all that is contributing to this -one thing that was mentioned on a physical level was the movement of tectonic plates.  When energetic frequencies rise – there’s a calling for humanity to rise accordingly to meet the “new requirements” of “The New Earth”.

There were so many topics and pieces of information covered I will do my best to outline and explain it in an easy to understand way as I received this information through automatic writing.


One of the things AA Gabriel referenced in my earlier blog is that humanity is moving towards a greater appreciation of the Earth – our home.  Similarly, it was explained to me here that we’re going to be moving away from non-biodegradables – using natural materials made from the Earth to support new types of packaging such that these natural materials (biodegradable) that come from the Earth simply return to the Earth once they’re discarded.  We’re returning to a more natural eco-friendly way of doing things that support our home and humanity – everything working then in greater balance and harmony.

Coal/Toxic Fuels/Carcinogens

As we’re well aware the materials we use today create harmful pollutants.  Looking forward we’ll be using cleaner methods that require a skilled labor force.  As such, we’re encouraged to train people, teach them, and give them responsibility that will support humanity and The New Earth in more responsible ways.  Right now, for example, coal miners may believe they’re destined to a life of coal mining because that’s what’s been handed down generation by generation – even though this work is known to be harmful to people’s health and the environment.  In this new way of being and living no one would feel beholden to an unhealthy job or situation.  Every person will feel of equal value in society because they’ll be given specialized training and skill sets that society turns to for their unique understanding in their area of specialty.  In other words, everyone on this New Earth will feel empowered, informed, have unique skills and talents that they use to contribute to the greater good of all – verses how things sometimes are now where people fall into jobs for example because  “that’s all they know” or “their family has known” and they can’t see a way out.  On the New Earth (where only love exists) everyone benefits and feels good about themselves because we’re all working to support one another and we all support each other in this process.


There’s no surprise that our food sources today are contaminated, genetically altered, and animal cruelty is a major problem.  The Council reference our fish/sea-life have been poisoned.  And, it’s simply a reflection to us of what we’re doing to the Earth and her ocean.  Next they reference cows as an example – they’re genetically altered with hormones, etc. along with the emotional and physical harm and distress that we cause them.  They say eating beef lowers consciousness for this reason.  All of this is energy is imprinted in their flesh which is what we take in when we eat them.  *The animals are always so courageous and pure and have agreed to take this role on with humanity to help us learn about the value of life,  compassion, and value of the Earth all in an effort to raise consciousness*  They say we’re not eating natural foods from the Earth but rather processed, mass produced, recycled, and abused food sources.  *There’s little respect for how the animals are killed and butchered today – they liken it to the shredding of a box – there’s no thought or feeling behind it.


They talk about travel being done through intention.  There’s no need for the use of harmful materials to the environment for travel , costly fuels, etc.  All that is needed is our intention to move us from one location to the next.  For example, if someone in the US decides they’d like to visit China and enjoy the Chinese culture, people and foods they can do this through their intention.  This allows for an integration of humanity and moves us away from the notion of borders and passports to the notion of we are one.  More exposure to more cultures and more people creates acceptance, love, appreciation and oneness.


Payments for goods and services will be an exchange of energy and loving intentions behind this energy instead of hard currency.  The value behind this new form of “payment” is the gratitude felt and the fulfillment that comes from receiving the intention of appreciation that is being given.  Money as we know it today and all of the “issues” that come with it go away.  Looking forward money becomes more like an energy blessing that we give to each other in appreciation for goods/services.


The Ocean is no longer seen as a dumping ground but rather all items disposed of are returned to the Earth/land where it came from and nourishes/replenishes it since everything is created from natural products of the Earth.


Humanity works with the Earth – living off of the Earth.  As such, the need for chemicals/preservatives diminish – since everything that we’re working with is in its natural state.


People learn to become self-reliant and responsible for themselves because they have the knowledge and natural resources to create what is needed and to survive on their own.  When individuals don’t have that ability and they rely on others to do that for them we find ourselves in the situation we’re in today. When we rely on others or a small part of the population to take care of the masses (food, products, etc.) we will see animal cruelty, harmful products, destruction of the Earth, etc. because it becomes a business and no one is watching.  The priority then becomes mass production with limited resources and the responsibility placed on a few to care for the masses is way too difficult to handle – the imbalance is too great and unsustainable without shortcuts.


The Intergalactic Council is here to teach us how to live a better life so that greater happiness, love and an increase in consciousness can be experienced along with greater health.  Everyone and all living beings can co-exist in harmony.

The colors of life and nature become more vibrant.  The fragrances in the air pleasing; the sounds are therapeutic joyful melodies of nature and laughter verses engines and noise pollution.  There’s simply a greater appreciation for life.

We move away from the value we place on a price tag to the value we place on life itself and being a part of it NOT a witness or a victim of it.  Clearing all of this “stuff” up helps peoples’ talents to emerge and they’re able to see what brings them happiness and we’re able to share these talents with others to bring them happiness or support where they need it.  People are no longer wandering through life wondering what their life purpose is because they’re already living it.

Our taste buds are restored and natural flavors become pleasing verses the fatty foods and sugars that we’re used to and that have tainted our pleasure centers.  Because the foods we eat are natural we restore our health with natural vitamins and the weight issues we face today are stabilized.

People move away from screens and isolation to the true enjoyment of time that’s spent with one another.  Right now, everyone relies on everyone else – celebrities to entertain, farmers and big companies for food, etc.  We’re moving now towards self-sufficiency.  We will no longer need “1” person like a Beyoncé to entertain billions of people (again relying on a few to entertain the masses) – with each individual’s talents emerging in this new way of being every family will have a singer.  And, enjoyment comes from the love and time that we share with each other.

Can you imagine what life will be like here on the “New Earth”?  They say more to come on this new movement where only love exists.

The Council asked that I share this for others to see – I hope that you’ve enjoyed their teachings and that it has inspired you in the same way it has me…to think the Earth will be a place where only love exists. I can’t wait!! <3

God Is…

So often I hear people speaking of God as a God of judgment, revenge, one to be feared. Most recently, I heard a friend say they were afraid of disappointing God. And, I thought to myself, that’s an awfully big burden to carry on one’s shoulders…the notion of disappointing God. There are so many ways in which we’ve been influenced throughout our life that shape our understanding of God and how we choose to live our lives based on our beliefs.
Hearing my friend’s fear of disappointing God stirred my own thoughts about my understanding of God and when I sat down in meditation the following day I experienced Jesus’ presence and heard his wisdom on this very topic that I feel blessed to share.

Channeled from Jesus on 4-14-16:
People’s misconception of God can sometimes be alarming. These beliefs are often very difficult to unravel because they are so deep rooted. They’re like knots within one’s energy system and soul.
When you look at the animals and the trees – do you get scared? When you see the beauty of a bird in flight – is this scary? No, in fact, many would describe it as peaceful. Just as a bird in flight can peacefully soar through the air and sky so can a soul peacefully soar through their own life. When you hear the purity in the sounds of a bird singing with joy – is there any darkness present? No, it’s on the opposite end of the spectrum of darkness…with pure joy there’s simply no room for darkness. Take note, this is God. People witness, feel, hear, see, taste God all around them every day. But, they walk through life with blinders on oblivious to what’s before them. And, the beauty of grace and bliss are missed.

God is…
~the green in a blade of grass
~the budding flower
~the baby blue in the sky
~the cloud that slowly drifts by
~the warmth of the sun on your skin
~the freshness in the air after a rainfall
~the sound of falling rain
~the sound of a running brook
~the sweet in a strawberry
~the feel of a slight breeze when it’s needed
~the crashing of the waves at the beach
~the golden glimmer in the sky as the sun sets
~the bee pollinating a flower
~the eye of a hummingbird as it looks at you fluttering outside your window
~the sound of a tree branch that falls
>God is…not only in nature and the animals.

God is within us.
God is…
~the laughter of children at a pool party
~the fireman carrying the injured to safety
~the person who lends an ear for a friend in need
~the joy in the facial expressions of someone who has received a beautiful gift
~the self- love and appreciation a student has on their graduation day
~the hug that two people give each other just to give each other
~two people making love wrapped in each other’s arms
~in the words “I do”
~in two people holding hands

Look at how many times you [me] too have missed God.

God is within and without.

This is a short list that could’ve gone on infinitely… just as God is infinite…infinite love with no beginning and no end. On a spectrum of love (infinite love) there is only love [no fear, no disappointment, etc. only love]. It is easy to see then how people have strayed far away from who God is.

How do YOU choose to see God? Every day that choice is available to you. It’s no different than going to the grocery store and deciding which fruits you want in the produce section. Do you choose to see God in all of the beauty around you and in everyone? Or, do you simply dismiss it as green grass and a bird singing?

Perhaps this channeled message can help us all broaden and deepen our understanding of God and to be mindful of the love and tenderness that surrounds us every day in every way.

Experience Inner Peace During The 2016 Elections (and in your every day life)

There’s no dollar amount that can buy anyone inner peace. Peace of mind is not something one can buy off the shelf or take a prescription to experience. Yet it’s one of the most important aspects of life and one of the key ingredients to happiness.

Unfortunately, an election period can add extra layers of challenges to experiencing peace. And, a peaceful mind, peaceful thoughts and peaceful emotions can be hard to come by for some who are emotionally tied to an election outcome or sensitive to the heighten state of emotions and negativity from the people around them, the news and social media. As the election begins to narrow it’s created an even greater stir of negativity by way of fear, anger, frustration…all lower vibrational emotions. The lower the vibration of emotions we hold the farther we move away from the higher vibrations of peace, joy, and happiness which is ultimately what we all desire.

Is it possible to achieve and maintain inner peace while this is happening around us? The answer is YES! It’s our divine right to experience peace, joy and happiness at all times. The reason why I’m choosing to write about this topic is because I’ve noticed how it’s affected me at times. And, I’ve seen how it’s affected friendships and also families. Love is what we came into this lifetime to experience and it’s one of life’s greatest gifts. No friendship or family member is worth losing over politics. Choose love NOT politics.
The good news is that we can create change for ourselves and therefore our experiences at any time we choose. So let’s start by creating change now in this very moment.

Here’s how:

Start from a place of gratitude
First, be grateful for the freedom to vote and the freedom to vote for who you choose. Other places in the world do not offer this same freedom while our country does and for that we can be grateful (no “buts” but this or but that, be grateful and stop there). Expressions of gratitude are known to have profound effects on one’s health and state of being. What you’ll notice is that the more you practice it the more it will start to infiltrate all areas of your life. You may start with gratitude for your freedoms and then notice your awareness of gratitude increasing in other areas of your life. When this happens gratitude continues to build and build and with this comes more and more happiness. When you experience happiness you’ll notice that the things that once bothered you become more and more tempered and simply aren’t as much of a concern anymore. There will be a noticeable shift that takes place in how you feel. You may have started with worry, fear, anger, frustration and slowly but surely these lower vibrational emotions turn into the higher vibrations of peace, happiness, and freedom – freedom from your old thoughts.

Be responsible for your own happiness
Too many people today search for answers and happiness outside of themselves. To this point, there’s often a lot of faith and hope placed on political candidates to miraculously make everything better. The challenge in this approach is that when one relies on someone else to make everything better they become exceptionally vulnerable and put themselves in a place of disempowerment. And, of course, when vulnerability and disempowerment set in so does a lack of peace. Politicians aren’t going to help you live your best life now…only YOU can do this. Instead, each of us must be responsible for our own happiness and creating it for ourselves. When we do this we take the power back into our own hands and we recognize our own strength and ability to create for ourselves what it is we deserve and what it is we desire. As we practice gratitude and take responsibility for our own happiness we begin to see how in control we really are of our own lives and any negative emotions that once were around the elections slowly but surely begin to dissipate. We may still have our opinions of who we want or who we don’t want as a candidate but the scale begins to tip with a new understanding and a greater emphasis placed on taking charge of our own lives instead of someone else doing this for us.

Invite the Divine into your life daily
Whether we’re in an election period or not this is a must if we really want to experience the highest levels of peace. When we invite the Divine into our lives consciously and with intent on a daily basis living with gratitude and creating our own happiness is simply a natural bi-product of what happens. Gratitude and happiness and a whole lot of inner peace will simply unfold organically. Everyone likes a guarantee in life – it makes us feel safe and secure – and this is one of them. Invite the Divine in to cleanse your thoughts and emotions daily. Watching a debate, seeing the poles or negative ad campaigns – you may be surprised how the residue of the negativity can stay with you without even realizing it. Cleansing your thoughts and emotions are simply good hygiene. Just like brushing your teeth and taking a shower our thoughts and emotions need cleansing too so that every day you’re starting from zero and a fresh foundation.

Be an observer not a participant
As emotions heighten so does the negativity – particularly on social media and the news. Sometimes scrolling through your Facebook feed can be disheartening with everything that’s being said. It can be so harsh that it feels like you’re being shouted at, belittled, and put down for your own thoughts. It’s unfortunate because everyone has a right to their own thoughts and beliefs and what we came into this lifetime to experience is love. And, most importantly, loving one another through our differences. A lack of love for one another’s differences is the cause for the violence that we see in the world today. The one thing that I can share from my own experience and growth is that participating in this negativity will only contribute to a lack of peace within you. While you may be tempted to respond back to someone’s post it only serves to perpetuate that energy. You may think it’ll make you feel better but energetically it pulls you right into the vortex of negativity. Instead choose only to observe. And when someone posts something that doesn’t feel good trying saying this: “peace to you” and “peace to me”. When you say it from your heart and mean it you’ll see how it will dispel the negative emotions that were once there bringing you back to zero again. You’ll feel a softening of emotions and instead of feeling angry for example you’ll actually feel better. Why? Anytime you wish something good for someone else (like peace in this case) that comes from a place of love. Love by its very nature feels good. Actually it feels GREAT!.

Limit your exposure to social media and the news
Simply put if you feel yourself being affected by the internet and the news limit your exposure. If your emotions need to be brought back into balance then limit what’s causing the imbalance.

I hope you find these tips to be helpful in living a more peaceful life in or outside of an election period. These are techniques that can be implemented at any time to create new experiences that bring in peace and happiness. If you’re living life from a place of gratitude and with the Divine and the result is peace and happiness…no one can take that from you – not even a politician. And, once again, we are reminded that ALL IS WELL.