It may seem that in today’s world it’s hard to find common ground with others.  The media would have us believe we are divided… by politics, religion, and color, you name it.  While it’s true that we have our own unique opinions and in that way there are differences between us (but it’s through our differences that we learn how to love one another), there is one common thread that connects us all and that is our innate desire to be happy.

If happiness is missing in your life you are not alone.  There are many who hold the belief that life must be accepted as is with no control over any future outcome.  The good news is that is simply not so.  Even more promising is that it is our birthright to live joyfully.

The process of joyful living can begin by being clear on what you are doing to create happiness for yourself.  Be mindful of the times you felt really happy.  What were you doing? Who were you with?  Where were you?  If you’re unsure of what brings you happiness make a commitment to spend quality time getting to know the real you.  The best way to do this is by spending time alone.  It’s when we are alone that we don’t have to conform to anyone else and the need to comply or fit in doesn’t exist.  We are free to be who it is we truly are.  To add to this if we spend quality time alone in silence without noise distractions we strengthen our ability to hear our own inner wisdom  clearly.  At a deeper level this actually connects us to our soul helping us to identify our likes and dislikes so that our true self can emerge.  In other words we begin to live authentically and in accordance with our soul.  When we live authentically happiness unfolds organically because we are making healthy choices about how and with whom we choose to spend our time.

As we move towards the people, things and activities that make us happy and away from situations that don’t we are choosing to stay on our own path that is unique to us.  Comparing ourselves to others is a sure way to lower our vibration and move us out of a state of happiness.  Gratitude for what it is we do have is a key element in reminding us of the joy that is already there waiting to be experienced.

Our happiness starts and stops with us.  We are empowered to create our experiences as we wish them to be as long as we put forth the effort to bring in and maintain the outcome that we desire.  Nurturing our happiness is an ongoing process.  But, you can start today by making YOU a priority and making the choice to Bring On The Happy!