Channeled messages from ArchAngel Gabriel – 2016 Shifts of Consciousness

As we move into the new year Archangel Gabriel wanted to outline (5) important shifts and areas of change that we are going to be seeing in humanity this year. These are shifts that have already begun to take place but that are also going to be in a sense required on an individual level in order to experience happiness in our own lives. He (that’s how he presents himself to me) has shared that while we do have free will to make our own choices in life we will also see the cause and effect tied to each choice such that choices we make which contribute to the overall good of humanity will result in greater levels of happiness and the reverse is also true:

#1 – The need to look beyond one’s self.
Energetic shifts are happening on Earth which means other shifts need to take place in order to bring things back into balance. With these shifts it’s like the “rules of the game” so to speak are also changing – a new requirement is in place in order to experience the greatest levels of happiness. This “requirement” is the need to look beyond one’s self. It’s no longer acceptable to live in your own bubble of what’s important to you without any consideration for the world around you. The more you limit your consideration for the world around you by being self- absorbed the greater levels of unhappiness you’ll experience because we didn’t come into this life for the sole advancement of ourselves but rather the advancement of the collective. Currently, there’s quite a bit of imbalance happening here where too many people are living life only for themselves.

#2 – We are all connected.
There will be a greater understanding and it becomes more evident that we are all connected. It’s less and less possible to live our lives in our own silo. We will see this through world events and we begin to see that what we do in our own lives–far or near–affects everyone else. And, what others do – far or near- affects each one of us. To think that well…this or that is happening all the way across the world – what a shame but I’m thousands of miles away and it really doesn’t affect me here so I’ll just carry on comfortably in my own life is going to be less and less possible. *We must take responsibility of our own thoughts, choices and actions*.

#3 – Collectively we see the Earth as our home.
There’s a greater desire and it becomes more important to care for our home on a grander scale (the Earth). Collectively, we begin to see the Earth as our home. Our individual homes may be where we sleep at night but we begin to see our real home as the Earth. Once we start to see the Earth as our home there’s a greater need to care for it –not because someone tells us this or says we should do this or that but because something within us changes. It’s like a reprogramming of an operating system in a computer – when the operating system is reprogrammed the computer operates differently. This internal reprogramming within each of us happens organically BUT some lessons will be learned through our choices that result in either consequences or benefits.

#4 – Greater sensitivity to all life – all living and breathing things.
There will be a greater sensitivity to all life; all living and breathing things. We are moving away from an acceptance of destruction or killing just to kill. Our moral compass has shifted. It’s tightening up. There’s less flexibility in terms of what used to be socially accepted. An example of Cecil the Lion comes up of “killing just to kill” and we saw the outrage this brought across the world. Archangel Gabriel shares that we also see the shameless destruction of trees, clearing of forests and natural habitats where it has become our nature to take take take:

a. as if it’s ok to ignore the consequences and put them aside
b. as if to ignore the disruption of balance
c. as if to endlessly take from the Earth and nature
d. as if to arrogantly believe we, humans, are the ones to rule mother nature and put the burden on her to live with our choices
e. as if she has NO choice
f. as if to believe we choose what and who lives or dies

Pollution of our soil comes up – to think that we can do as we wish with contaminants in the soil and yet still have it bear fruit for OUR pleasure; to arrogantly believe that the Earth and Nature conform to us vs this is an equal partnership of respect.

There’s a lack of understanding a misconception that we came to a place [Earth] where we set the rules when we really came to a place [Earth] where the laws and rules are already in place such that there’s balance and harmony. So, there’s a correction that will and already has begun to take place. And, in this correction, we will become reacquainted with the laws of the land and our home. What this correction looks like was not given to me.  On some level we will need to go through our own orientation to remind us of what we have forgotten over the years and generations as the message has been watered down.

#5 Lessons on the exploitation of humans
We will experience lessons around the exploitation of humans.  Exploitation meaning that one person’s life is not as valuable as the next.  The lesson is that no matter where one is on their path everyone is on a level playing field because everyone’s life is important.  And, we will see this lesson play out in ways where those who are “further ahead on their path” have a greater desire to help encourage or support those that are further behind.  This does not mean that one person does the work for the next (because everyone has free will) but instead will be motivated to lend encourage and support when needed . Bringing further to light the notion of “we are one”. *There’s a new “curriculum” (so to speak) being implemented here on Earth where we are all working towards supporting the concept that no one’s allowed to be held back – but rather it is imperative that everyone needs to “move forward in the same class”.

I had asked Archangel Gabriel about some of the world events taking place today (since he referenced world events above) and why we had to experience them where there is so much pain and suffering.  Here is his response:  The things that appear to divide us are actually the things that ultimately bring us together. We need that contrast and the uncomfortability that comes with it in order to see truth.

I hope you enjoyed reading Archangel Gabriel’s messages as much as I enjoyed receiving them.  It’s always a great honor to learn from the Archangels.  Much love peace and happiness to you.

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