Experience Inner Peace During The 2016 Elections (and in your every day life)

There’s no dollar amount that can buy anyone inner peace. Peace of mind is not something one can buy off the shelf or take a prescription to experience. Yet it’s one of the most important aspects of life and one of the key ingredients to happiness.

Unfortunately, an election period can add extra layers of challenges to experiencing peace. And, a peaceful mind, peaceful thoughts and peaceful emotions can be hard to come by for some who are emotionally tied to an election outcome or sensitive to the heighten state of emotions and negativity from the people around them, the news and social media. As the election begins to narrow it’s created an even greater stir of negativity by way of fear, anger, frustration…all lower vibrational emotions. The lower the vibration of emotions we hold the farther we move away from the higher vibrations of peace, joy, and happiness which is ultimately what we all desire.

Is it possible to achieve and maintain inner peace while this is happening around us? The answer is YES! It’s our divine right to experience peace, joy and happiness at all times. The reason why I’m choosing to write about this topic is because I’ve noticed how it’s affected me at times. And, I’ve seen how it’s affected friendships and also families. Love is what we came into this lifetime to experience and it’s one of life’s greatest gifts. No friendship or family member is worth losing over politics. Choose love NOT politics.
The good news is that we can create change for ourselves and therefore our experiences at any time we choose. So let’s start by creating change now in this very moment.

Here’s how:

Start from a place of gratitude
First, be grateful for the freedom to vote and the freedom to vote for who you choose. Other places in the world do not offer this same freedom while our country does and for that we can be grateful (no “buts” but this or but that, be grateful and stop there). Expressions of gratitude are known to have profound effects on one’s health and state of being. What you’ll notice is that the more you practice it the more it will start to infiltrate all areas of your life. You may start with gratitude for your freedoms and then notice your awareness of gratitude increasing in other areas of your life. When this happens gratitude continues to build and build and with this comes more and more happiness. When you experience happiness you’ll notice that the things that once bothered you become more and more tempered and simply aren’t as much of a concern anymore. There will be a noticeable shift that takes place in how you feel. You may have started with worry, fear, anger, frustration and slowly but surely these lower vibrational emotions turn into the higher vibrations of peace, happiness, and freedom – freedom from your old thoughts.

Be responsible for your own happiness
Too many people today search for answers and happiness outside of themselves. To this point, there’s often a lot of faith and hope placed on political candidates to miraculously make everything better. The challenge in this approach is that when one relies on someone else to make everything better they become exceptionally vulnerable and put themselves in a place of disempowerment. And, of course, when vulnerability and disempowerment set in so does a lack of peace. Politicians aren’t going to help you live your best life now…only YOU can do this. Instead, each of us must be responsible for our own happiness and creating it for ourselves. When we do this we take the power back into our own hands and we recognize our own strength and ability to create for ourselves what it is we deserve and what it is we desire. As we practice gratitude and take responsibility for our own happiness we begin to see how in control we really are of our own lives and any negative emotions that once were around the elections slowly but surely begin to dissipate. We may still have our opinions of who we want or who we don’t want as a candidate but the scale begins to tip with a new understanding and a greater emphasis placed on taking charge of our own lives instead of someone else doing this for us.

Invite the Divine into your life daily
Whether we’re in an election period or not this is a must if we really want to experience the highest levels of peace. When we invite the Divine into our lives consciously and with intent on a daily basis living with gratitude and creating our own happiness is simply a natural bi-product of what happens. Gratitude and happiness and a whole lot of inner peace will simply unfold organically. Everyone likes a guarantee in life – it makes us feel safe and secure – and this is one of them. Invite the Divine in to cleanse your thoughts and emotions daily. Watching a debate, seeing the poles or negative ad campaigns – you may be surprised how the residue of the negativity can stay with you without even realizing it. Cleansing your thoughts and emotions are simply good hygiene. Just like brushing your teeth and taking a shower our thoughts and emotions need cleansing too so that every day you’re starting from zero and a fresh foundation.

Be an observer not a participant
As emotions heighten so does the negativity – particularly on social media and the news. Sometimes scrolling through your Facebook feed can be disheartening with everything that’s being said. It can be so harsh that it feels like you’re being shouted at, belittled, and put down for your own thoughts. It’s unfortunate because everyone has a right to their own thoughts and beliefs and what we came into this lifetime to experience is love. And, most importantly, loving one another through our differences. A lack of love for one another’s differences is the cause for the violence that we see in the world today. The one thing that I can share from my own experience and growth is that participating in this negativity will only contribute to a lack of peace within you. While you may be tempted to respond back to someone’s post it only serves to perpetuate that energy. You may think it’ll make you feel better but energetically it pulls you right into the vortex of negativity. Instead choose only to observe. And when someone posts something that doesn’t feel good trying saying this: “peace to you” and “peace to me”. When you say it from your heart and mean it you’ll see how it will dispel the negative emotions that were once there bringing you back to zero again. You’ll feel a softening of emotions and instead of feeling angry for example you’ll actually feel better. Why? Anytime you wish something good for someone else (like peace in this case) that comes from a place of love. Love by its very nature feels good. Actually it feels GREAT!.

Limit your exposure to social media and the news
Simply put if you feel yourself being affected by the internet and the news limit your exposure. If your emotions need to be brought back into balance then limit what’s causing the imbalance.

I hope you find these tips to be helpful in living a more peaceful life in or outside of an election period. These are techniques that can be implemented at any time to create new experiences that bring in peace and happiness. If you’re living life from a place of gratitude and with the Divine and the result is peace and happiness…no one can take that from you – not even a politician. And, once again, we are reminded that ALL IS WELL.

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    • Kim Thalken
      Kim Thalken says:

      Hi Noelani,
      Mahalo nui loa for your comment. Makes me happy to know you found it helpful 🙂 BTW, I’ve always loved your name and thought it was so beautiful. Lots of love <3


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