Intergalactic Council Of Light – Total Purification Of The Earth In All Ways

Channeled April 9, 2018

The Intergalactic Council of Light is here to remind us of all that we are meant to be and all that is possible.  They’re here to guide us and show us new ways of being, living and understanding ourselves and to show that The New Earth is waiting to be accessed when we are willing to embrace higher consciousness and ready to make that commitment to ourselves and to all of humanity.  They say it’s simply a matter of commitment.  For those who choose to stay in a place of resistance life will become more and more challenging here because the old ways of being will no longer be in resonance with the energies that come from the New Earth’s evolution/ascension.

They share below some examples of how life here on Earth will be evolving.

New Plants Introduced

New plants will be introduced whose genetic makeup and molecular structures are different than anything we’ve ever seen or measured scientifically.  These plants are coming in to purify the soil and air with higher grades of oxygen for us to breathe and exist in.  As such, whomever/whatever consumes these plants changes their DNA structure/makeup to higher frequencies of energy.  Therefore, the cultivation of these plants become important for humanity and all of life.  People’s health improve because they are filling their body with higher frequency food that hold “new” codes that reprogram down to the DNA/cellular level.  Our bodies will be much healthier and common muscle/joint pain will be eliminated.  Our cognitive skills also sharpen with the purity of our new food base.  We think more clearly, quickly and with great precision as the density in our bodies lift.  Our vision also improves greatly and we begin to see the vibrancy of all of Earth’s beautiful colors.  We begin to see energy and the colors that come with different vibrations of energy.  Everything comes alive.  Seeing energy as a natural part of being brings in a whole new understanding and appreciation of all that is.

Purifying the way we live

Everyone takes a vested interest in purifying their own lives AND everyone willingly holds a level of responsibility in doing this.  In this process people live self-sustaining lives instead of placing this responsibility on segments of the population to do this for the whole which in itself is not sustainable.  Where there is mass production there is NOT purity. Everything must come into alignment with the new energies of Earth.  Life isn’t meant to be manufactured.  That’s human’s inserting their will and control over mother nature.  This will always cause imbalance.

Ultimately, we will all have the same basic fundamental skillsets to live self-sustaining lives.  And, we teach each other in kindness and share whenever it’s needed.

The Sea Will COMMAND respect

Humanity will NO LONGER be able to take and deplete the ocean of its life and resources with total and complete disregard of the ocean as a living, breathing being.  Vessels (that deplete) will disappear to wipe out that consciousness altogether with no remnants left to be found.  This consciousness will simply move to another dimension as though it never existed; leaving people in fear and mass confusion.  There will be no answers for the human mind.  But, the soul will understand.  This is a part of the transition of living from the human mind to living from the soul.  The Universe will NO LONGER respond in kindness to the human mind or ego consciousness…only to soul consciousness.  The human ego will be “retired” like old race horses that the human today insensitively deems as useless.  There will be NO choice in this matter because the ego only serves a purpose when it is fed and nourished.  The New Earth consciousness does not feed unconsciousness.  It would be like trying to grow vegetables in soil that isn’t fertile.

Polluting the ocean will no longer be tolerated by her.  Pollutants from drainage systems that dump into the sea will be pushed back through the drains and dumped back on the people to the point where sanitary issues become a problem.  “Push back” from the Earth is a common theme in order to conform to New Earth consciousness.

Humans no longer have free reign to do as they wish if they want to be here.  It is not The Human’s Earth.  This is NOT the human races’ property.  This is about Unity and ALL of life living in support of one another not each for itself.


Companies that continue to process and sell materials for the sake of ease, mass production and profit will see that their business models are no longer sustainable.  They won’t be able to meet deadlines; Materials won’t be available for them to keep doing business in the old ways.  It will become less and less convenient until they are no longer able to operate at all—literally being forced by way of unexplainable circumstances and changing landscapes to invest in new ways in order to survive.  Their motivation to do things differently will be a matter of survival.  The new ways for them will be much easier to sustain as they see a completely new business model take shape; And, everything falls into alignment.  Old systems will fall apart forcing businesses to invest in R&D to stay in business in ways that are eco-friendly and in support of the greater good.

Food Supply (this is all that was shared). *There will be more to come*

Eggs – when we eat eggs we are filling our bodies with stressed, anxious and imbalanced energy. It’s a transference of energy as the chickens that are laying them are stressed, cramped, hopeless and helpless.  This then is what we fill our bodies with energetically.

Fish – Fish are heavily contaminated with toxins, chemicals and waste.  Eating fish is today is no different than injecting ourselves with these contaminants.


This information is meant to generate awareness of the change that is needed and already underway in order to elevate into a new life. 

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