Medium Readings

The Medium Session Process

A mediumship session takes you on a journey with those you love.

Medium readings may be done in person, by phone or Skype.

How It Works

What types of information comes through in a session?

  1. Evidence that confirms it is your loved one communicating.
  2. Loved ones will share their memories of what was important to them in their lifetime.
  3. The state of being the loved one is in now; how they viewed life when they were here; what they are “doing” now; and, what they are working through on a karmic level.
  4. Messages that let you know your loved one(s) are still “with you” by validating things that are currently happening in your life.
  5. Specific messages for you in the way of advice and guidance.

To enhance your experience:

– Be open to the type of information that may come through.

– Ask your loved one to come through and to provide information that will be helpful to your healing.

The psychic readings and distant healing sessions I’ve had with Kimberly have been life changing starting with the very first encounter. I’ve connected with loved ones who have passed and found that what I’ve always wanted to believe is true; their love is infinite and they are always with us.

Pamela ErwinTijerina, Registered Nurse, Reiki Practitioner, Actor, Memphis, TN