Packages are offered to support those who are committed to their personal growth and evolution.

Are you ready to bring in the highest realities that life has to offer?  Then this package is for you!

Premium Wellness Package

This is a customized package with an integrative approach that supports individuals who are seeking to optimize their full potential of all they’re meant to be and to experience life with purpose, meaning, freedom, joy and the highest levels of wisdom.

The value and benefits you’ll receive when you commit to YOU:

  • 6 weeks of support, guidance and individual sessions
  • Access to me at anytime as my schedule permits through phone, text and emails.
  • Each week YOU choose which session you’d like to experience and best fits your needs:
    • Life-Soul Guidance Readings (1 hour):  We would talk through any area of your life that you would like to receive guidance as well as key points that are critical to this part of your journey and your own spiritual development.  My readings are designed to elevate consciousness and bring forth the highest realities and outcomes. *There are no topics that are off limits* During readings an unraveling of old beliefs and programs begin to take place as greater understanding sets in and perspective shifts and a new path and new way of being are illuminated.
    • Mediumship Reading (1 hour): Each session takes you on a journey with those you love.  Messages of inspiration are given to let you know they’re still “with you”; Loving advice may also be given around life circumstances; Loved ones will share memories of what was important to them in their life as well as what their experiences are now.  Sessions assist with bringing in comfort and healing from the loss that is felt but also joy and inspiration knowing there’s life after life and that your loved one is at peace and “ok”and still with you.
    • Energy Healing (75 minutes):  Each session is a comprehensive approach to working through limitations and deep rooted issues that are prohibitive to experiencing joy followed by a consultation to review the guidance that was received and important next steps.  Whenever I work with someone’s energy field I’m connecting to them on a deep soul level.  It is through this connection that I’m given information of where the clearing/healing is needed within them.  I’m also communicating with my clients telepathically reinforcing new belief patterns while clearing the old.  At the same time I’m doing visualization work on my client’s energy field/chakras until they are vibrant and healthy.*Energy healings are a powerful way to dissolve the separation that kept us disconnected from truth.  I speak from experience as it was an energy healing that served as the catalyst for me to step into the work that I’m doing today and who I came here (in this lifetime) to be.
    • Hypnosis (1.5 hours): Working with the subconscious mind is a powerful tool used to create change in behavior and thought patterns that support individuals in moving through life with greater ease.  Sessions also include connecting to the super-conscious /higher-self and the inner wisdom that each holds within. This is an empowering and transformative experience as deep healing and love permeate throughout your being.
  • Weekly “lightwork” (homework) will be given to support your expansion, deepen your awareness, connect you to your inner wisdom, clear old self induced limitations and to raise your vibration for optimal results.


  • A FREE one hour introductory reading to receive guidance in any area of life.  This is your hour to empower!

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Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available in increments of $25, $50, $75, $100 and $150, and can be redeemed when booking a service. If you need a custom amount, please contact Kim. Please click Book a Session below to purchase a gift certificate.