How do you want to influence the world around you?

These are critical times we are in.

Reading this first line you may be thinking…it sure is, there’s so much happening in the world today – many of which are tragic.  Between natural disasters and the tragic events that have been caused by people it certainly would seem this is true.  However, there are also a lot of blessings in this world happening around us.  And, we see this daily in the heroes that come to the rescue of people in need while putting their own lives on the line.

Every day we are given a choice.  Do we want to contribute by way of our thoughts, intentions, and actions to the fear, anger, worry, despair, and sadness that people are feeling?  Or, do we want to lift others including ourselves up from this energy into a place of love, peace and hopefulness?  It’s really a responsibility that is given to each one of us.  You and I are responsible for the role we choose to play every day in this lifetime.

We are ALL connected.  We are sensitive energetic beings that are affected and influenced by the energy thoughts and actions carry.  Have you ever noticed the infectious laugh of a baby or a child and how that can easily lift your spirits and stay with you through the day?  A few months ago there was a baby who was introduced to the pool for her first time and her parents were whooshing her around and she was laughing and laughing and laughing…JOY in its purest form.    She captured everyone’s attention and we were all touched by her joy.  Months later I still remember her and how she made me feel.  The same, however, can be true for experiencing the energy around someone’s anger or frustration.

Social media carries a lot of energy.   This is really what has inspired me to write on this subject especially since almost everyone I know is linked into social media in some way or another. Imagine millions of people connected into the same platforms…each of us bringing our own energy through our thoughts, emotions and intentions to our posts and others posts.  It’s easy then to see the power behind this.  If one beautiful baby girl had the ability to influence the few people that were around her it becomes all too clear the way millions of peoples’ thoughts and intentions in one place can influence us in good ways and in not so good ways.  It’s all energy.  You and I are energy.  Energy is powerful.

Be mindful of what you choose to post and what conversations you participate in.   Often time’s people use social media as dumping grounds for their emotions.  And, you’ll notice all the responses/comments to their post are an extension of that emotion.  If the post emanates anger, for example, the comments will usually support that anger with people responding from a place of anger.  You can feel the angry energy almost jump off the screen.  It becomes a cesspool of anger that just keeps swirling around with no release and the energy continues to build with each angry response.  It’s a real unpleasant feeling to witness.  Unfortunately, anyone who chooses to be a part of that anger by contributing with their own comment becomes caught up in and attaches energetically to that collective energy/mindset…even when you log off your computer.  The anger, frustration or whatever energy it is can stay with you throughout the day affecting on a deeper level how you feel.

Fortunately, the opposite is also true.  Messages of love, inspiration, hope, peace, etc. will have the same affect in all good ways.

For this reason we need to really think about how it is we want to have influence on others…do we want to spread anger or do we want to spread love knowing that either will have a rippling effect on the people around us.

Redirect your energy and focus to yourself.  Go within.  If you find yourself frustrated, angry or pointing the finger as to why the world is the way it is.  Stop. Take a step back.  And, go within.

I can’t say this approach is one that comes naturally to us.  But, it is an approach that I can guarantee is well worth it.  Why? Because it’s when you go within that you connect to truth, you strengthen your spiritual connection to God and (so important for this lifetime) – you heal and clear things up within yourself to experience freedom in life.  Freedom from old thought patterns or belief systems that are restrictive and that keep you in a place of limitation.  Limitation would include anger, frustration, hopelessness, lack of inspiration, and on and on it goes.  When you free yourself up inside from these limitations you move onto greater and beautiful ways of feeling…happiness, joy, peace, clarity, hopeful, enthusiastic, and empowered.  You’ll feel that all things are possible which make the benefits limitless.

We are all in this together.   This is our world.  How do we want it to be?  If we want to see change in the world we have to be willing to create change within ourselves where change is needed.  That is the best and most responsible thing we can do on both a micro and macro level.  Worry less about what the next person is doing and focus more on what you are doing.  If you want to contribute to the greater good for all – start with YOU.

Here is a helpful short meditation on how you can create change in an instant.

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