What to Expect for Your Spiritual Healing Session

Do you need answers? Are you seeking inner peace through clarity and understanding?

My psychic readings come from a spiritual perspective and are delivered in a consultative approach. Don’t be thrown off by the word “spiritual” ~ THIS is where the truth can be found. Guidance is available to you for all areas of your life. Whether your question is relationship centered; life purpose driven; understanding life events; your spiritual path; career; finances; karma or even past lives – I can help.

What to expect from a psychic reading with me:

My readings are supportive, encouraging, promising and uplifting – why? Because you have the power to create change – and the guidance that comes through will show you how. My approach is consultative in nature and comes from a spiritual perspective.  Specific and structured guidance is given in order to work towards the desired outcome and to keep the individual focused and on track. The information and healing energy that are channeled in each reading is specific to you and will put you on a path to raising your vibration and being empowered. My readings are no-nonsense yet compassionate, educational, thought provoking and truth seeking. The information is simple and provides a practical toolset to generate greater joy in our lives.

Where does the information come from in my psychic readings?

Information is channeled and received from my divine guidance who specialize in elevating consciousness in the individuals that work with me. I also work with the individuals’ guides and angels as well as speak directly to the soul. This helps me understand where someone is on their path and the set of circumstances that surround them. *Please note, I don’t do tarot readings or use other divination tools. All information is received through psychic impressions, direct communication with the soul, and from divine guidance.

Where do I hold my Spiritual Healing Sessions?

All sessions may be done by phone, Skype or in person in Sherman Oaks and Westlake Village, CA. Successful readings don’t have to be in person. Why? Because I’m channeling the information from our guidance which can happen anywhere. I’m also simply tapping into energy and this too can be done remotely. It is an honor for all who work with spirit to learn from their messages and to experience the healing that takes place. As such, each session is sacred.

Plumeria flowers represent birth and love in Hawaii. They also symbolize new beginnings. Similarly my readings come from a place of love and the information offers hope and opportunity for new beginnings.

In each psychic reading you will:

  • Receive answers to questions you have related to any area of your life (current, future and/or past lives).
  • Have a better understanding of your experiences (situations or relationship(s)). My empathic awareness allows me to feel what others are feeling which is helpful with relationship questions/concerns.
  • Receive guided and personalized messages that are specific to your life’s path and needs at this point in time.
  • Receive a clear assessment of the circumstances in question and a clear action plan on next steps.
  • Receive healing as the reading takes place (this happens organically as the information is channeled through).
  • Feel empowered, uplifted, and be exposed to information that will allow you to shift your experiences through a shift in perspective.

Important Notes for phone/in-person/Skype sessions:

  • I meditate before all sessions. As such, it can be helpful for an intuitive session to submit your main questions beforehand so that we can spend more time in your session talking about the specific information I received in meditation. Not a requirement, only a suggestion.
  • For all sessions please send through a picture of yourself where I can see your eyes clearly.
  • If you are asking about someone it is helpful to send me a picture of them where I can see their eyes. If you don’t have any available that is ok too.
  • *Please note all pictures are confidential and deleted immediately following our session.
  • Please have specific questions prepared. Be open and honest about what it is you want to know for the best readings. If you are dishonest or leave important pieces of information out then the answer will reflect that.

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